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Projected House Business for April 24, 2018

This is a tentative agenda of anticipated business, subject to change without notice.
The Projected Order of Business lists items of business expected to be taken up on that day in the order that they are likely to be called for debate. The complete list of all items that may be brought forward on a particular sitting day is published daily in the Order Paper.


1:00pm - April 24, 2018


Following the prayer the Speaker will make a statement on behalf of the House regarding persons killed or injured in Toronto yesterday. There will be a moment of silence.

Daily Routine

Introduction of Visitors

Visitors will be introduced for the tribute.


Hon. Mr. Silver, Premier, Ms. Van Bibber, Member for Porter Creek North and Ms. Hanson, Leader of the Third Party, will pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Umbrella Final Agreement and the first four sets of Yukon First Nations final and self-government agreements.

Tabling Returns and Documents

Hon. Mr. Pillai, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources; Hon. Ms. Frost, Minister of Environment; Hon. Ms. Dendys, Minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate; and Hon. Mr. Mostyn, Minister of the Public Service Commission, will table legislative returns.

Hon. Ms. Frost, Minister of Environment, will table reports.

Presenting Reports of Committees


Introduction of Bills

Notices of Motions

The Official Opposition and the Third Party will have notices of motions.

Ministerial Statement

Oral Question Period

Orders of the Day

Government Bills

Committee of the Whole
Bill No. 206, First Appropriation Act 2018-19: the order of departments to be determined.

At 5 p.m. the Chair of Committee of the Whole will invoke Standing Order 76 and put to a vote, without further debate or amendment, all questions remaining before the Committee. This will result in the Committee voting on motions that Bill No. 206: (1) be deemed read and carried, and (2) be reported to the House. The Speaker will then resume the Chair and the Chair of Committee of the Whole will deliver the committee’s report (orally) to the House.

Government Bills

Third Reading
Bill No. 206, First Appropriation Act 2018-19 (Hon. Mr. Silver, Premier). Pursuant to Standing Order 76(2)(d), the House will vote on the bill without further debate or amendment.

Hon. Angélique Bernard, Commissioner of Yukon, will grant assent to Bill No. 15, Cannabis Control and Regulation Act; Bill No. 16, Technical Amendments Act, 2018; Bill No. 17, Gender Diversity and Related Amendments Act; and Bill No. 206, First Appropriation Act 2018-19.


Following Assent the Speaker will adjourn the House, ending the 2018 Spring Sitting.