Employment Opportunity

Chief Electoral Officer

Elections Yukon
Competition No.:  MG03-2018                                                              Closing Date 4:00 p.m.: April 20, 2018
Salary: $122,908 to 168,793 per annum
(Includes 20% in-lieu of pension and benefits)

The Chief Electoral Officer is an independent officer of the Yukon Legislative Assembly responsible for all matters pertaining to the management of general elections and by-elections of Members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly and of trustees of school boards and members of school councils. 

The Chief Electoral Officer enforces, on the part of all persons, registered political parties and election officers, fairness, impartiality and compliance with the Elections Act and the elections provisions of the Education Act. 

The Chief Electoral Officer has the overall responsibility for financial, personnel and administrative services of the Elections Yukon Office. 

In recognition that the Chief Electoral Officer must be independent, non-partisan and work to ensure the fair, equal and impartial administration of elections, the person holding this position is denied the right to vote in elections conducted under either the Elections Act or the Education Act.  In addition, the Elections Act stipulates that the Chief Electoral Officer shall “refrain from any active or public support or criticism of any candidate or any political party endorsing a candidate.”

The ideal candidate for this non-partisan position will be able to demonstrate to an all-party selection board of Members of the Yukon Legislative Assembly:  in-depth knowledge and experience in the conduct of elections, strong organizational and facilitation skills, strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to understand and implement the statutory and administrative requirements of the position, experience managing financial, technological and human resources of an organization, ability to manage a system for data collection, geomatics and information maintenance, ability to mediate and negotiate with various stakeholders, ability to plan for, recruit and train personnel, and analytical and leadership abilities.  Knowledge of Yukon and its people would be an asset. Experience using databases, spreadsheets, word processing, and software systems will be required.

If you find this position of interest, please submit your resume clearly outlining your qualifications and related experience. 

The Chief Electoral Officer is appointed by the Commissioner in Executive Council, on the recommendation of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.   The Chief Electoral Officer’s appointment expires three months after the tabling, under section 417 of the Elections Act,of the final report of the first Electoral District Boundaries Commission that is appointed under section 408 of the Elections Act after the chief electoral officer is appointed.  The appointment as the Chief Electoral Officer may include a reappointment.

Condition(s) of Employment:  Security Clearance.

Job Description

For more information or contact Helen Fitzsimmons at (867)667-5618.  We thank all those who apply but only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

Resumes must be received by 4:00 p.m., on April 20, 2018, in the Yukon Legislative Assembly Office,
2071 - 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon or mailed to Yukon Legislative Assembly, Box 2703, A-9, Attention:  Helen Fitzsimmons, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6 or emailed to helen.fitzsimmons@gov.yk.ca