About the Assembly

Information Sheets

No. 1: The Speaker

No. 2: The Mace

No. 3: Petitions

No. 4: The Evolution of the Legislative Assembly

No. 5: The Role of an MLA

No. 6: How a Bill Becomes Law

No. 7: The Differences Between Provinces & Territories

No. 8: Assembly Time Periods

No. 9: Convening A New Assembly

Procedural Handbooks

Annotated Standing Orders

Members' Procedural Handbook

Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure


Guidelines for the Use of the Legislative Assembly Chamber
Guidelines adopted by the Members’ Services Board on November 13, 2015. Please contact the Legislative Assembly Office yla@gov.yk.ca with inquiries about using the Chamber.

Historical Resources

The Legislature Speaks Voice recordings from the Yukon Archives vault 1961-2001